Android is developed by Google which is open source. Custom Android apps development is rapid budding field; it provides aggressive tools in order to obtain strong functionality and a host of advantages for Android app developer and other industries. It consists of the OS, middleware and key apps with an SDK that allows tools; APIs required for Android development. This technology works with a smartphone, which proceed remotely as control devices from working during Wi-Fi. The smartphone will perform as a portal to another device, in which all devices work together seamlessly. In addition, the user can access any type of information from anywhere in the residence.


Android Apps Development Platforms:


  • Android 4.0 SDK
  • AJAX
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • XML
  • XDA
  • Flash
  • Java Programming Language (J2ME)
  • Trace/View Testing
  • SQLite Database and others




  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Adwords
  • VOIP
  • Gtalk
  • Gmail and Google Checkout
  • Third Party APIs


At Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT), our Android application developers provide the ideal and bug-free solution for the Android apps development that can guarantee within your budget. We offer the best team with daily reports. Custom programming based Android app is strength, in accordance with customer requirements. Our Android developers are well-organized in best solutions also create maximum use of their skills and tools for wonderful apps as the result.


Our Android App Developer Solutions:


  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Geo Location Base Application
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Banking and finance
  • Networking
  • Education
  • kids
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Android Utilities
  • Games


Benefits for Hire Android Apps Developers @ MADT:


  • Experienced and dedicated
  • Skilled programming
  • Client specific reporting
  • Get robust and scalable apps
  • By-lingual conversations supported
  • 24 X 7 availability as per client requirement
  • Perfectly and immediate response
  • Great Communication skills
  • Powerful in-built 2D/3D graphics
  • Contact through chat, video call or as per client covenant
  • Perfectly and immediate response


We are situated in developing countries like India where skilled manpower is presented at affordable rate. If you like our Android apps development solutions, feel free to contact us for more information about Android app developer.

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The wireless globe has been shaken by the latest creation of tablets of wireless applications development community. Tablets also known as mini handheld computers are now responsible for the versatile Android; a technology is seizing the assurance to take the mobile development world to new heights.

Like all Android smartphones lovers particularly are familiar with that Ice Cream Sandwich and its supernatural functions are straightforward multitasking, wealthy notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, and profound interactivity etc. Look at the reputation of Ice Cream Sandwich OS to maintain, offers top quality HD Android 4.0 with the Android development services at reasonably priced of tablets.

Features of Android Tablet Apps Development:

  • 3G Support
  • Go forward web browser
  • Android Market support
  • Integrated USB port
  • Dynamic Bluetooth 3.0
  • GPS navigation
  • HD video encoding
  • Multimedia
  • SQLite for data storage
  • Support Flash
  • WiFi connection
  • Extremely classified touch screen
  • Multitasking feature
  • Active Bluetooth support
  • 3D graphics possible because of extensive GU
  • Flash support

Appearing for Android tablet application development services?

Your search trimmings here because of Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) proffer custom Android application development for all types of application at reasonable price. We are not just attractive but are compact responsive too.

Android tablet apps development Solutions:

  • Android Tablet Software
  • Business Applications
  • E-Book Publisher Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Music Applications
  • Health Applications
  • Fun Applications
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • Games Applications
  • Map/Navigation Applications
  • Lifestyle Applications
  • New/Weather Applications

At MADT, our android application developers provide exclusive and superlative applications, money-making, latest function for your android tablet, and high-end quality level applications. We maintain your competitive edge and focus on interior competencies. We deliver your valuable projects time to time.

For more information about custom android tablet application development, android tablet PC development, Google android tablet apps development services, feel free to contact us.

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Individual distraction segment is guide by games on mobile devices. Any person or company who wants to capitalize on this trend, but do not enjoy their idea of the game. The company creates games for iPhone from top to bottom. iPhone game development team have case of the adventure game concepts that is waiting to be released. Difficult to high levels of conflict games and puzzles, the company is one of the best iPhone games to engage in development.

Market of iPhone development is booming, able to helping a number of creative developers who quit their jobs and start working on their projects. Although only a game to reach the top of iPhone App Store, you can make thousands of dollars a day. Create an interesting game that tie iPhone users to change your life and get rid of all your financial worries and you do not have a hardcore developers to develop iPhone game.

Now a day, the smartphone time is mainly dominated by Apple iPhone applications, and quivering the world. Considering the growing demand for developing games, Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) has professional iPhone game developers to facilitate more effective, impressive services of iPhone 2D/3D game development. We appreciate and familiar with taste and interest of the players. Our team is embraced and consisted of creative developer, iPhone games that appeal to players to build adrenaline iPhone. We helped to create games with fantastic and fabulous features like flicks, flips, drags, swipes, steers, pinches, etc.

iPhone platforms and software:

  • iPhone SDK
  • Cocoa Touch / Objective C
  • Xcode IDE
  • Interface Builder
  • OpenGL ES

The selection of design in any iPhone game developed is par quality. High resolution 2D & 3D graphics that are ideal for the concept of the game makes, it is a consistent partner for the iPhone game programming. Lifelong learning through play for children is another triumph of society.

Process of iPhone Game Development:

  • Inscribe concept and model game
  • Graphic design that BG, icons and etc
  • Design environment you want
  • Correspond to changes in the graph according to the requirements of the gaming environment
  • Different stages and levels to create good-looking game
  • Testing, debugging, troubleshooting, support
  • Final positioning
  • Obedience to number of App Store

We are pleased that our work is valued by our customers. Our corporate culture supports and values ​​the innovation that has enabled them in the form of commitment to iPhone gaming. With teamwork, we are developing successfully for games brightest of all versions of the iPhone, including power-packed iPhone 3G.

iPhone Game Development Solutions @ MADT:

  • Action Games
  • Puzzles
  • 2d Games
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Stage And Floor Based Games
  • Card And Dice Games
  • Shooting Games
  • Sports And Racing Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Role Playing Games
  • Educational Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Dice Games
  • Kids Games

If you like our services, feel free to contact us for more information about iPhone Game Development.

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Google’s Android development has speedily expanded in the mobile application development market. It accomplishes mobile users’ requirements. This is a large amount competitive to acquire robust functionality and benefits for mobile programmers and several companies. It is an open source, so it is easy to use for implementation. So dedicated android developers are also feel affection for the actuality. It offers to developers’ right for using to all information and services not including any differentiation.

Although iPhone is fully control the smartphones market. But the popularity of Android operating system has changed the diversion. Mobile developers feel affection for Android as it creates simple for them to create dynamic and innovative android applications. It is the ideal platform for developing rich functionality faster, dynamic, attractive and effective applications. Therefore, several people are opting for the Android application development. The Android SDK available to help for android app developers, to developing applications and put them to work. It provides the programmers fully control over their apps so it is completely on their carefulness of how & when they desire to market and put up for sale them.

Technical Skills of Android Developers:

  • Android SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Multimedia API
  • C++
  • Java / J2ME
  • SQL Lite Database
  • Location API
  • Flash
  • Services Integration
  • OpenGL API
  • Android NDK

Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) is the Android apps development company in India. Our Android developers have an expertise on the development of Android OS and customization. With exclusive skills and experience of our developers who are prepare to develop applications. They offer the ultimate solution for creating Android application, which are providing error-free applications, to ensure that within your budget. We offer the most excellent team with the daily reporting. Hire Android application developers to create appropriate use of the flexible features of the framework with its Android SDK. Android-based custom programming is their strength, while clinging to the needs of the customer.

Benefits of Hire Android App Developers @ MADT:

  • Vast experience in developing Android applications
  • Good communication skills
  • Detailed reporting
  • Contact all the way through chat, video call or as per client contract
  • Dedication and development expertise
  • 24 X 7 availability
  • Completely and instant response
  • Influential inherent 2D/3D graphics

It allows customers to calculate a small fee depending on the hiring cycle as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Our clients hire Android developers with the advantage of best resources with little effort and a much lower cost, without suffering in quality.

Expertise Of Android Developers:

  • Business and Finance
  • Third party libraries
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Security
  • Internet
  • Personal Utility
  • Social networking
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment

If you like our services, please feel free to contact us for more information about Android app development.

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