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PhoneGap is an open source framework for creating cross-platform applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is a perfect solution for developers involved in mobile app development as it gives to exploit existing expertise as a zero starting allows a device specific compiled language. It is also creating a perfect solution for those who are interested in an application that can run on multiple devices with the same code base.


PhoneGap application development is not only as a usual mobile websites. These are able to interact with the hardware of the mobile device as the acceleration sensor or GPS, so they are not available for normal applications. PhoneGap apps are built and packaged as native applications means that they can be circulated via the Apple App Store or Android Market.


Different Mobile Platforms Supported By PhoneGap:


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Palm
  • Windows Phone 7
  • webOS
  • Bada


PhoneGap SDK offers an API that provides an abstraction layer to access the development platform and the functionality of the specific hardware.


  • Geolocation
  • Vibration
  • Accelerometer
  • Sound


Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) is a trusted and professional mobile application development company in India. It has made an expert team of PhoneGap application developers. We test the application in a browser, permitting a variety of mobile operating systems. Then quickly deploy applications on platforms and easily sell a variety of applications in mobile market.


Benefits of PhoneGap Application Development:


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Developers influence the inhabitant ability of the device using a single source code
  • Supports different versions for all mobile platforms
  • Free and open source project under MIT license
  • Supports Geolocation, vibration, accelerometer, photos, contacts, offline storage etc
  • Using PhoneGap AIR simulators for easier testing


If you like our PhoneGap application development services and wants more information, feel free to contact us.

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Mobile phones are not extensive just a communication device, which has emerged to be fun and entertainment, complete with fixed games, music, camera, and many more. Mobile game development is not extensive a niche product and bounded domain. Daily mobile developers agitate applications more exciting and interactive. High quality and personalized development services of games are available through professional developers and designers to develop mobile applications available.


Today, mobile Java games are trendier in smartphone market. These applications with 3D multiplayer options with something to do, which is the benchmark for future games published boasted. Mobile gaming is a multi-billion. Gone are the days when mobile gaming with gaming applications installed on your phone they are intended.


Tools for Mobile Game Development:


  • Cocos2D
  • Maya
  • Blender Game Engine
  • Flash Lite


Mobile games are not only offering an upgrade to a better gaming experience, but also provide latest and rising technologies. On the other hand, if we evaluate the growth of PC games and comfort games, it is understandable that the mobile game must go a long way. Mobile game development is the fastest word in fashion, the highest growth in the world of online entertainment. With the availability of many mobile game applications, it has become very easy to attract innovative and interesting games to create readers of all ages.


Smartphones, portable media players and tablets have the most essential features handheld gaming devices like touch screen, motion sensors, accelerometers and high-performance graphics related to their function extra phones, manager contacts with interfaces for wireless access to the Internet. Another advantage is that users of smartphone do not go to a store to get the title; you can browse and download games anywhere, any App Store or Android Market.


Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) offers mobile game development services by the professional team of mobile game developers and designers who specialize in Bluetooth mobile games, multiplayer mobile games development, mobile 3D business, etc. We serve our international clients such as publishers, advertising agencies and many international brands. Our mobile development includes the choice of mobile game for our customers around the world.


Mobile Game Development Expertise:


  • Puzzle
  • Word
  • Betting
  • Multi player
  • Board
  • Card


If you like our mobile game development services, feel free to contact us for more information.

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iPad is a third generation device with extra facilities and more interactive functions. iPad’s amazing features help developers in iPad application development. It is designed and developed by Apple Inc. who often invents something new and amazing to the world and iPad is the class invention from that.


Many tablet PC apps development companies develop tablet applications for Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows and other tablet PCs. Apple iPad tablet PC is very popular among other devices due to it’s features, functions, apps running quality and trustworthiness of the reputed Apple Company. These advantages of an iPad boost the demand of iPad apps development all over the world.


You can imagine the experience of running an application on your iPad’s wide multi-touch crystal clear screen. Several applications with good quality have been developed everyday and diverse mobile development companies are developing applications for their clients.


iPad applications for diverse sectors/industries


There are many companies from different sectors are now taking interest to be developed application as per their business requirements.


  • Banking app
  • Business apps
  • Health app
  • Music apps
  • Games
  • Utility apps
  • Lifestyle app
  • Education apps
  • News app
  • Publishing app
  • Social Networking app
  • Online shopping app
  • Travel app


Today, numerous companies are ready to invest on application development to attract their customers and achieve their target of increasing sales volume. It is really helpful for them to have an app which can reduce some cost and save time. Several iPad applications are there in the Apple store for free which fulfill your requirement to some extent. If your requirement is big and specific then you have to hire iPad app developer or iPad application programmers from best companies. Mobile Apps Development Team is one of them.


iPad Services at affordable cost from us


We are a professional iPad development company based in India provides offshore iPad services to the world at affordable cost.


  • Custom iPad apps development
  • Widget development
  • Migrate iPhone apps to iPad
  • Web application development
  • Software development
  • Apps porting services
  • iPad UI design
  • SDK development
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Software testing services and quality assurance


If you want to get these high class iPad services from us according to your interest then feel free to contact us. We make your iPad more valuable and useful for you. So, send us your inquiry with your requirement and we assure you to provide high standard custom iPad application development service within your budget.

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Appcelerator Titanium is most popular and inexpensive cross-platform toolkit on the mobile market for mobile application development. The framework is stand on web development technologies exceptional HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. It can be used successfully for native applications for smartphones; including those that support the design platform is based on iOS and Android. This also allows Titanium developers to experience native mobile applications, tablet and desktop apps with common web languages. It supports development of web content with Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. It is well-suited with Ajax applications can be run on the Windows operating system Mac OS, Linux and mobile devices.


As clients of the professional mobility companies are provision of mobile applications for their activities in various sectors, the main challenge for mobile application developers is support for several platforms available on the mobile market. To beat the barrier of platform incompatibility asks several companies and executing a development tool for cross-platform mobile apps as a substitute to secular development of native applications.


Features of Appcelerator Titanium development:


  • Free Available Open-Source Software
  • Application Development with Native UI Components
  • Ajax and Jscript Framework Support
  • iPad Support Native Functions
  • There Is No Need for Skill of Objective-C and Cocoa
  • Create Sophisticated Mobile Applications for iPhone And Android
  • Supports Almost All Types of Web Technologies
  • Apache 2 Public License
  • Support for Scripting Languages
  • Support the Specific Characteristics of Devices and Media Specific Codes
  • GEO Location, Accelerometer and Maps Application Development


Titanium applications can be developed through web interfaces and mobile devices to support business data. You can also integrate social media functions for the development of online communities with keep up for real-time updates on Twitter and Facebook. This allows users who will always update their status on the way with their much loved applications. You can customize the third party API for auction, e-commerce and shopping cart. The well-liked sites are e-Bay, Microsoft Windows Azure, Yahoo! Store, and so on.


At Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT), we are a cross-platform mobile development company with a team of Titanium application developers who have experience and talent, which allows cross-platform native application development. There are successful applications, as demonstrated in various fields such as electronic commerce, medicine, finance, social media networking, education, etc. Fully developed with well trained and qualified for the designing and development, be sure to provide applications that add value to your business. Appcelerator Titanium developer can be hire for Appcelerator Titanium application development.


If you like our Appcelerator Titanium development services, feel free to contact us.

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A cell phone with the new Android software is certainly smarter than other phones on the market. You need to update and insert new applications to different customer needs for well-groomed smartphone. For this cause, you should hire Android app developer for your applications development that you want Android apps.

 Android application development is the development of innovative and entrepreneurial applications for smartphone lovers. Android operating system is coded in Java works in Dalvik virtual machine.

 Android App Development Solutions:

  • Communication
  • Social Media
  • Multimedia
  • Travel
  • Games
  • Utilities
  • Security
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • E-books
  • Map/Navigation
  • Lifestyle
  • Healthcare
  • News
  • Weather

Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) is the custom Android app development company in India. Our Android application developers are professional, experienced and professional in this field. We have great knowledge in Java programming language using the Android SDK and NDK. We reuse framework API for developing world-class Android applications, we also offer developing Android application on any platform including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, etc.

Benefits @ MADT:

  • Custom applications for various industry verticals
  • Good use of Android SDK
  • Domain knowledge and skills
  • The commitment to a single project
  • Qualitative development of nominal price
  • Cheap development time

Our Android developers have to create a better understanding of the framework for Android. You can hire dedicated Android application developer in monthly, weekly, daily, hourly contract at reasonable prices.

If you want more information about Android app developer, feel free to contact us.

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