In this fast running decade, android is overtaking other operating systems. Android applications industry demands are now multiple from all over world. In that case, need for best android developers arise more. You can find several outsourcing companies like Mobile Apps Development Team for today’s growing offshore android development requirement.


Android programmers at Mobile Apps Development Team


Android is a free open source in nature and that’s why you can find it in many smartphones of branded mobile companies like Samsung etc. Android comes with lots of amazing features and functions from which mobile app developers have been doing amaze. Numerous smartphone contains Android OS to give best to their customers.


If you are using android based device then you have well experience of running an application on it. Diverse users have different application needs. Some use it for their day-to-day life, some use for fun and entertainment and some use it as a tool of their business expansion. Some of the android application development requirements are shown below looking to their popularity.


  • Entertainment apps
  • Business apps
  • Utility apps
  • Maps / GPS navigation apps
  • Games
  • Travel apps
  • Medical apps
  • Fitness apps
  • Weather apps
  • Education apps
  • Photography apps
  • Security apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Shopping cart apps
  • Banking apps
  • News apps
  • Sports apps


So, it is obvious that they need their required android applications into their devices. At Mobile Apps Development Team, we facilitate their robust android apps requirement by utilizing our best android programming process.


Android OS has been updated frequently to provide latest and advance technology to Android users. Currently, latest Android OS version 4.3 Jelly Bean is running in the latest android smartphones. Our developers always love to work with latest technology. They develop our clients’ applications using such newest versions or as per client’s requirement. They are always ready to grab new technological know-how. Our android apps developers are professional and experienced to create any application whether for small or large.


Your requirement is very important for us to fulfill. Our first and foremost objective is customer satisfaction. We have attached our goal with our client’s progress. So, we deliver offshore android development services as well as android tablet apps development at affordable cost. Our best mobile development team has delivered many assignments successfully for our clients across the world.


Our top android programmers build apps using their best skills and experience. They have good knowledge in Java, XML and JSON, Coding standards, SqlLite and SQL Database, other development tools etc. They are expert to build any application according to client’s needs using their finest android SDK knowledge. They have professional knowledge of OS versions, proper understanding of project, know-how of advanced smartphones’ features and functionality, knowledge of handling client’s project and much other required ability.


You can outsource your project of following Android development services to us.


  • Android apps development
  • Android games development
  • Android social networking app development
  • Android website development
  • Android SDK development
  • Android user interface design


In this very competitive market, you need to acquire best mobile application development company to complete your each and every project requirements. We can meet your all necessities for application programming. If you have any requirements for android then contact us.


Affordable Android Development Company - Mobileappsdevelopmentteam


Mobile Apps Development Team is leading company, outsourcing android app development with professional android developers all over globe. We also build applications for Android tablet PC. If you have any requisite planning for utilizing best android apps then you may inquire us for more details.

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Smartphone appsSmartphone application stands for those apps that can run on mobiles like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone etc. All mobiles run on different operating systems. All these major smartphone companies have their own operating system to run any application in it. In fact, leading mobile phone companies like Nokia, Sony, Samsung, etc. are also using their OS in various devices.


We are seeing lots of technological changes everyday. Smartphone industry is one of the rapidly growing and fastest changing industries. We see that how many smartphones have been launching everyday by different mobile companies. People love to buy different smartphones, if it has amazing features and functionality that can support diverse applications to run. People are changing their mobiles just to get some advanced features and extra compatibility benefits that other mobile phones provide. But, among all smartphones, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone are the best. They run on their own operating system.


iOS and Android are today’s most popular operating systems to experience excellent applications. iOS for iPhone and Android OS for Android mobile and other android-based devices. On these operating systems, millions of applications have been made till the date. Several people use many apps everyday as per their usage. Actually they are trying to keep themselves advance and to walk with the latest technologies using vary apps.


There are numerous applications available for download. Some of them are free and some are paid. People can buy or get developed their required application from the leading mobile application development company. Many people acquire customization services from them also to modify their existing apps. Some statistical data provider sites say that there are few well-known application building categories. Most of the iPhone applications and Android applications are being built on the below given categories all over the globe.


  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Multimedia
  • Communication
  • Calculation
  • Games
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Books and publishing
  • Productivity
  • Social Networking
  • Shopping Cart
  • News and Magazine
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Weather
  • Utilities
  • Security
  • Search tools


If you are smartphone owner then you think that many application from the above given categories are available with you. Smartphone application developers develop apps from these categories as per their client’s requirement. You know that several iPhone apps and Android apps have been developed by expert iPhone app developers and android apps developer all over the globe. Many of the best smartphone apps that people want to get developed are shown below.


  • Expense apps
  • Game apps
  • Shopping assistance apps
  • News app for readers
  • Audio and video streaming apps
  • Social networking apps
  • Messaging apps
  • Photo gallery apps
  • Medical apps
  • Fitness apps
  • GPS navigation apps
  • Location finder apps
  • Office work related apps
  • Data storage apps
  • Weather apps
  • Counting apps
  • Calendar apps
  • Radio apps


May be, you know all the above applications’ name. There are many other smartphone applications which I have not mentioned here.


If you have iPhone or Android then you know the importance and thrill of it. Today, most people developed apps to earn money and to fulfill their daily requirement. Everyone is using web applications from small business owners to large organizations. Therefore, the demand for such apps is huge.


You have seen that several smartphone application development companies are competing with each other to get the large portion of such huge demand. Mobile Apps Development Team is a leading mobile application development company. It offers affordable and quality application development services for iPhone and Android. You can also hire iPhone app developer and android application developers from them to customize or create your apps according to your requirement.


If you are really looking for best application then simply go to the contact us page and submit your inquiry.

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Android Tablet App DeveloperToday, the technology is changing the world very rapidly and we have to walk with it, right? Mobile and Tablet PC devices are one of them and currently Android is booming in this field. Android is an open source operating system, and today it is popular for android mobile apps development and Android tablet development. It is Linux-based OS with very powerful functionality which are more than enough to compete with a world’s leading mobile and tablet PC brand – The Apple Inc.


Everyday, we are seeing several changes in existing technologies and this change has been known as technology upgrade and update. Likewise, your existing android applications also need some upgrade to improve its functionality, whether it is in your Android-based device or in Android tablet pc, which ultimately helps you to do work fast and with ease. For that, you need to hire android developer. But, a question that arises in your mind is correct that how to select an android developer? To get the answer of your question, you should check this post titled as “Android App Developers Skills”.


After knowing android developer’s skills for your mobile and tablet requirement, start conversation with the company from which you will hire android app developer. Of course, Best Mobile App Development Company at affordable cost can also be another best option to accomplish your requirement for Android mobile application development and Android tablet apps.


Mobile Apps Development Team is one of the best mobile and tablet app development service provider based in India. MADT has creative and skilled developers and designers to build top level applications of Android users. It specializes in business apps creation for android mobile and android tablet. MADT is an affordable Indian company that you will come to know when you inquire about your requirement.


So, send your application requisite information to us by filling short contact us form and we will serve you best android mobile and tablet application development which leads towards your app building goals.

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Android Developers IndiaDays are gone that Android application developers have been hired just for simple applications to fulfill small needs of the Android-based smartphone users. Today, we know how much an Android market is being spreading day-by-day. People are not just using applications for fun and refreshment but they are using them in their business expansion (that we have discussed in the previous post, titled “Hire Android Application Developers for Business Expansion”).


Many companies have got a tremendous new way to build relation with their existing customers, to increase company’s reputation and to boost their profit. All these can be availed just by getting developed professional, creative and robust Android application from an offshore mobile application development company. There is another option of adopting best Android apps developers to get your application built.


We all know that Android developers develop offshore applications for Android-based smartphones users, but we (or most of us) don’t know how they create wonderful apps, which process they apply, which development tools they use and many questions like these. Here I am dictating some of the points from which you will come to know about the skills they apply on the areas on which they build Android applications for the app customers.


Skills of Android Application Developers:


  • C++
  • Java programming
  • XML and JSON
  • SqlLite and SQL Database
  • APIs
  • Coding standards
  • HTML and JavaScript
  • Android SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Organizational programming skills


Android app programmers apply their best knowledge and skills when they develop an application on such areas as business and enterprise, entertainment, education, medical, news and media, utility, gps navigation, travel and tourism, etc. If someone has to customize his/her app then go for custom Android application development.


If you want to be developed an amazing application on Android platform for your smartphone then feel free to fill contact us form. You can also hire Android app developer / programmer from creative and trusted Mobile Apps Development Team.

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Business Application DevelopmentEvery avid android-based smartphone users are always looking for Android applications developed by expert Android developers. Several applications have been developed by different developers as per their knowledge and expertise.


I always think that if so many free applications are available in the Android market then what is the need to have a paid application? And, why should I pay for the same apps as I got it for free? But, I experience the difference between paid and free mobile application when I saw a company owner using one of the apps and using some paid Android apps in his company as he is using Android device. Then I realize that a paid version app provides more functionality and accuracy than a free application.


It is good to use free android apps for personal use and to some extent for office work. But, if you run a business or a company and egger to expand it then you know that you have to be very fast. By using mobile technology, you can save your time and money both and that saving you should invest in your business. Android application development is one of the best services you should adopt to get smoothen your business running tasks. If you have an Android-based smartphone to utilize it in your business work and have any idea about your requirement then you need not to wait anymore. Just hire Android application developer who has deep knowledge, expertise and experience to run any android application. If you have a specific requirement for your mobile application project and comprises ideas regarding it then you should choose creative developer or programmer to complete.


Whatever your business is, our professional Android apps developer will always be available for your specific requirement. So, contact us to complete your required Android application project.

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Google launched Android Honeycomb 3.0 SDK, currently offers developers an API (Application Programming Interface) for their Android application development work. The new Android tablet on the market with the API is considered final and support new applications with cost of the target platform. A honeycomb with the SDK is a tool to update Android SDK and the ADT plug-in, which is also encouraged.


Today, Android is expected to approach and the performance of the operating system of Google which feels something new with the best visual, user interface and multitasking capabilities for professionals, in particular, are in favor the party and the big screen. So they came up with the first tablets with Honeycomb. With the launch of the operating system, began the new era of tablet computing and the applications development. Honeycomb application development has been started and is always in approach of launching a platform for businesses.


Benefits of Honeycomb Development:


  • Open Source Platform
  • Powerful applications development environment
  • Conquer limitations
  • Shorten development
  • Equivalent for all applications
  • Well-off browser capability
  • Open allocation system


Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) is custom Android Honeycomb development company in India. Our professional, dedicated and expert Honeycomb application developers provide application development services with affordable cost. Operating system has more things on a bigger screen and multi-tasking, which is reflected in the development. Honeycomb simulator development is so slow that it may take a few minutes for a click to show the effect, it has nothing to do your heart i7 should last current or last card.


Area of Our Expertise:


  • Business / Finance
  • Multimedia
  • Games
  • Education
  • Social networking
  • Book publishing
  • Music
  • Lifestyle
  • Geo based Services
  • Applications Utilities
  • Communication Apps
  • GPS & Navigation


If you like our Android Honeycomb application development services and you need more information, feel free to contact us.

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Android developmentIn the previous post we have seen the importance of hiring and iPad app developer. Today, we are discussing on Android development services that has been providing by every mobile application development companies around the world for android users.


Experts have created the products and services structure so it is obvious that clients get peace when they outsource Android app development project to trusted company. By outsourcing the case, companies that want to market their products more quickly, and the success of the recipe that you can start again.


From past few years, it has been noticed that the use of Android applications in android-based smartphones have gone up. This rise in demand happened because of interactive, appealing, and easy to use Android apps and the interest of Android OS (operating system) users. There are thousands of (approximately above 50,000) applications prepared for the Android OS users and more have been developing by Android app developer everyday. If anyone that needs to create preferred application has the best option of hiring developers by outsourcing Android application development companies. It is not very easy to choose a developer or programmer. One should select an application developer that has great working experience on Android development projects.


Several people have different requirements to get developed their preferred application according to their interest as well as working needs. Some of them are stated below to have an idea of today’s most preferred Android applications.


  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Educational
  • News
  • Utility
  • Productivity
  • Multimedia


There are other offshore Android development services that may offer good return to your business, are given below:


  • Android app development (Business apps, GPS apps, Restaurant Apps, Wireless App, Social Networking App)
  • Android game development (2D games, 3D games)
  • Android UI design (Game UI, Game Icons, App UI, App GUI Design)
  • Android web development
  • Android SDK development
  • Android tablet development (Tablet apps, Tablet games, Tablet web app)


All the above services has been providing by best Mobile Apps Development Team. If have any requirement from the above Android app services then you should hire Android developer considering benefits of professional application development companies. So, contact us to have those benefits.

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Android App DevelopmentToday, to hire Android app developer is essential to build a robust application for an Android-based device. Though there are several free applications available that can produce good result for your requirement but not exact match your requirement. To fulfill your exact requirements, many Android application development companies compete to provide best app service and earn some return.


Android application developers know the market requirements for Android applications. They apply their good expertise and knowledge according to the app requirement or rather you can say as per client. If they are dedicatedly hire for a complex application project then they apply their valuable experience and deliberate Android app development process to reach exact project need destination and then client satisfaction.


There are numerous companies which want to expand their business through mobile technology. They know that today is mCommerce or mobile tech era which can expand their product and services market rapidly as many people use smartphones containing Android OS. Therefore, different companies need vary applications according to their interest. It is beneficial for such companies to hire Android developer for their product-based project or customer-based project. Here, we have defined some applications which are high in demand among small businesses and large companies and developed by android developers most.


  • Android mobile Business apps
  • Android mobile Social Networking apps
  • Android mobile GPS apps
  • Android mobile Restaurant apps
  • Android mobile Finance apps
  • Android mobile News apps
  • Android mobile Books and Reference apps
  • Android mobile Travel apps
  • Android mobile Communication apps
  • Android mobile Education apps
  • Android mobile Medical apps
  • Android mobile Shopping apps
  • Android mobile Media apps
  • Android mobile Photography apps
  • Android mobile Entertainment apps
  • Android mobile Productivity apps
  • Android mobile Music and Audio apps


Offshore Android mobile apps development is not very easy for Android developers to do. It needs best skills and good experience. Developers must have good Java programming, Android SDK and API (application programming interface) knowledge.


The entire above story is just to dictate the importance of hiring an android app developer for a robust android apps development. So, if you are a well-known brand or a company with an application building project to outsource to affordable and trusted mobile application development company India then you need not to go anywhere because Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) is the one for which you are searching for. Feel free to submit inquiry here or you can also hire Android app developer from MADT.

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Android Application DevelopmentAndroid becomes a big platform and has cover most of smartphone OS market with the leading mobile and tablet PC brands like Samsung (all over the world), Micromax (all over India). Like all the top brands, several businesses are connected with Android. They use their smartphones often to ease their day-to-day work. Therefore, you can find that the demand for custom Android application development has grown up very fast.


Android is a free open source and a Linux-based operating system best to run on smartphone and tablet pcs. Android updates it’s OS often to provide users new, amazing and superior experience whenever users run applications into their smartphones. Latest Android operating system Jellybean 4.2 has come and the review of this OS is very good as per some reviewing sites. Therefore, looking to its benefits, many web development companies like, etc. come ahead to provide their valuable services and support to companies which are interested to get developed their required mobile applications from custom mobile app developers.


Some advantages of hiring our Android app developers:


  • Android applications will help you to expand your company branding


  • Android application will lead you in your industry if you provide some value added service to your customers or clients


  • Android apps will be your advance and innovative technique to get in touch with your target audience


  • Android app will aid to stay you connected quickly with your customers


There are many other benefits to hiring android developers. If you want to get several advantages for your valuable custom android application development project then you can hire our Android apps developer who can develop your application with quality and creativity. Your application will be eye-catching and mobile browser friendly.


You can also directly submit an inquiry to us.

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For sophisticated and intelligent varietys that are intelligent and best mobile applications developed for smartphones to be smart enough to impress their users. Android is designed to provide a framework directive by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Its combination of Android development and Java (J2ME) is very intelligent and straightforward to use mobile applications.


You need to hire Android developer or hire dedicated Android programmer for the custom Android application development for your business Android application development services. You required to hiring Android application developers or programmers for your business application development services.


Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) has been one of the first starters in the field of development and one of the best development team. We are highly qualified, experienced and equipped with advanced applications to develop top Android app for your business. Our developers will work under your timeframe and as per your project management approach.




  • 24/7 continuous communication
  • Best developers support
  • More rapidly service declaration
  • Operational 216 Hours/Month
  • Customary platform of work
  • Excellence Network & Zero downtime
  • Focus on client fulfillment


If you like and want more information about Android application developers, feel free to contact us.

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