Mobile application development is the most happening field, as every now and then something more interesting and innovative in poured into the market for smartphones lovers. Mobile development has vigorously boosted the market of custom application development for in-style mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Mobile apps have extended the dimension for the use of smartphones and have made it more functional, enjoyable and powerful. Mobile application has certainly raised the level of smartphones as a most needed and respectable electronic gadget in day to day life. Countless exclusive applications are already on hand in the market for the mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows.

As compared to other smartphones offered in the market, iPhone is the most desired name, since the day of its origin, due to its amazing features and compatibility with other custom applications making it an ideal business phone. Apple Inc. has provided SDK to iPhone application developer in-order to facilitate them to create a variety of applications and to make iPhone application development much easy. Apart from iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows based smartphones are also sharing the success of smartphones and making huge profit by developing custom mobile applications for customers globally. Android and Blackberry have joined the marathon of smart phones, as a result of which custom android application development and blackberry application development are offering tough competition to Apple’s iPhone. These smartphones are fully loaded with the countless applications to meet all your needs such as music, entrainment, social networking, gaming, business, financial and much more.

AT Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT), we have delivered dynamic and error-free applications for vivid categories ranging from business to social networking apps, and from entrainment to gaming apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Why, Hire Mobile Application Developers @ MADT?

  • Team of experienced professionals
  • Core experience in apps development
  • Robust and scalable applications
  • Affordable mobile solutions
  • Time constraints and enduring customer support

Popularity of smartphones in the current times has winged the custom mobile app development service and has established it as a fastest growing business. Till now, millions of useful and pleasurable applications are poured into the market, which can be downloaded from the respective mobile application stores. At MADT, our mobile developers possess in-depth knowledge and proficiency in developing software and application for mobile phones and smart gadgets for all in-demand platforms such as iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows. Prior starting to any project, our team of mobile application developers determines and analyzes the requirement of the project and then delivers the best solutions available in the market for robust and scalable mobile application. After the completion of every phase of development, each and every module is tested precisely for the outstanding performance of application when used. We also offer an ideal environment and technology to our developers so that they can deliver only the best and out of the basket.

What We Offer as a Part of Mobile Application Development Services:-

  • iPhone Application Development
  • iPad Application Development
  • Android Development
  • Blackberry Application Development
  • Windows Mobile

Feel free to contact us for more information about mobile application development services.

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Posted on 21-04-2012
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Introduction of smartphones have certainly geared and changed the usage of smartphones in various aspects of life. Smartphones have spread their wings wide with the arrival of mobile application development and apart from calling mobile devices are now used for numerous other social, business and economical purposes. Especially in social and business world, mobile have marked a solid presence and it’s hard to imagine a day without smartphones. With the arrival of revolutionary iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones in the market, their usages have increased significantly in socializing and mobile business marketing. In the recent time noteworthy growth has been observed in the mobile internet browsing through smartphones, as there are numerous of compatible websites for mobile. Mobile browsing has ultimately increased in local search activity and raised a huge opportunity to marketers to gain more visibility.

With the annual growth rate of 20%, mobile surfing and commercial search has become conventional on the Smartphones. Wide varieties of individuals are included in the community of mobile internet surfer such as students, business professionals, economist and many others. Mobile Website browsing through mobile allows them to track and respond their social and business contacts via smartphones phones with the usage of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and many other useful websites. Mobile browsing also facilitates local searches for restaurants, hospitals, entertainments and many other required aspects of day to day life. Today, all the facilities are offered by mobile internet surfing, but without mobile compatible websites it is quite impossible.  With endless possibilities, Mobile Website Development has now gained immense popularity around the globe. At, Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT), we offer mobile website development services so that you can gain more out of your handy mobile device.

At MADT, our skilled mobile developers are always conscious about the every feature of mobile app development, user experience (UX) design, and especially, with all challenges of UI implementation and more. Having core experience in mobile web development, our mobile application developers are proficient in developing and delivering all the custom mobile web applications that will function without any error in all sorts of smartphones, browsers and tablets.

Following Tools and Techniques used By Our professional Mobile Website Developers.

  • HTML5 mobile development technology
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Web and Mobile First design approaches
  • Pure JavaScript programming
  • jQuery Mobile development
  • PhoneGap
  • jQTouch
  • ASP.NET mobile web development

What is The Need for Mobile Website Design and Development?  

Normally, before the introduction of smartphones, websites were designed and developed that were compatible with computer browser, such type of websites when operated via smartphones or mobile devices emerge to be all disorderly or are extremely difficult to navigate through. Opening website through mobile browser, website does not appear like what it is supposed to look like and this is because it completely disfigures with your mobile devices.

Reasons, Why Mobile Websites Must Be Designed and Developed:-

  • Images might broken or blur
  • Content blocks are displace and discontinuity of content.
  • Flash features appears as blank spaces
  • Trouble in opening of Dropdown menus
  • Information not readable or too small
  • Extremely Slow to download and browse

With the remarkable rise in the number of mobile phone users using the internet on their smartphones and mobile devices, it has become important for the website owners to get a mobile version for their websites to get more quality traffic. At MADT, we offer top-notch mobile UI design to help you reach your desired target customers easily. Our mobile website development team consists of highly qualified Software professionals, Visual Designers and UX experts who possess profound knowledge in various mobile web development.

Mobile Website Development @ MADT and What We Offer?

  • Clear and Easy viewing of mobile website
  • HTML5 mobile application development for entertainment industry
  • Mobile Commerce, Social Networking and Business Applications
  • Quicker navigation of mobile website
  • Lesser loading time for page
  • Touch screen page scrolling
  • Optimized for SmartPhones
  • Attractive and easy to use features that delight mobile website users
  • Connecting to an existing website
  • Built in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Adaptation of websites for mobile users


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Because of its high applicability and usability in social media, business world and many other aspect of day to day life, people are getting addicted to mobile devices as it’s making living full of comfort and ease. Rising demand of smartphones and business phones like Blackberry and iPhone have ultimately led increase in the demand of custom mobile development. Because of successful utilization over different areas of business, smartphones have become one of the most effective and trendy marketing tools for all types of business and enterprise. Smartphones users are demanding more out of these devices and to cope up with this rising requires, numerous mobile app development companies are trying their luck on mobile application development but very few are blessed with the skilled developers. Business community is most benefited with the introduction of smartphones and 3G, as it facilitates business owners in easy and effective promotion of their products and services among wide group of people.

From social media activities to business promotions and from online banking to e-commerce, use of mobiles are no longer bounded as communication device, but have become an absolute multimedia device. Mobile internet users are in large number and thousands of new users are added everyday, hence the need for such custom mobile applications has increased considerably that supports mobile devices. Businesses are leaving no stone unturned in promoting their businesses through mobile apps development and examples of this are commerce kings such as Amazon and eBay who have launched their own mobile applications several years back. Nowadays small and medium businesses are also following this mobile development trend and in the coming years, mobile development is likely to go past web development.

With the introduction of different mobile platforms such as IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian, mobile industry has observed some marvelous inventions in the recent years with the development of thousands of mobile applications. These mobile platforms are used by mobile developers for the development of some amazing applications. Numerous offshore mobile development centers are established around the world that uses these platforms for the development and running of remarkable applications, which run on these platforms. At Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT), we offer custom mobile development services and your mobile development projects are handled by the experts who possess years of core experience in designing and developing mobile applications to precisely meet your business goals and ethics. Our professional mobile developer own thorough knowledge of all the mobile platforms that ensures us to provide you end-to-end solutions to meet changing business needs.

In the present age of smartphones, WAP phone is extremely productive as it allows you to access internet from your cell phone. WAP is very much cost effective as it allows you access all the websites from any place you want similar to that of your laptop of PC. Surviving in the mobile era, everybody is talking about WAP, but very few know and understand the significance of WAP in the mobile device. WAP is known as Wireless Application Protocol and simply a channel by means of which users can access information on their wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers, smart phones, and many others. It was specially designed by wireless industry to facilitate internet access on mobile devices. WAP is simply a protocol that is used for communicating information, enables Internet connectivity on mobile phones supporting almost all every wireless networks such as CDMA, GSM, CDPD, PHS, PDC, FLEX, ReFLEX, TDMA, TETRA, iDEN, DECT, DataTAC, and Mobitex. WAP sites are websites converted or written into it using WML language but WAP supports HTML and XML. At MADT, we develop WAP phones applications that make mobile devices more useful and productive.

Our mobile development processes have been refined and improved over the years. With experience and expertise, we guarantee that your idea of product development is converted to working applications with many device supports and are of the highest quality without any code error.

Mobile Development @ MADT, Because,

  • Years of experience and expert developers working on mobile application development.
  • Our mobile applications are developed with expertise and all requirements of customers are met.
  • Our developers work with you to fully understand your requirements.
  • Our developers evaluate your requirements and then work out the best fit solution for your mobile platform.
  • A prototype is created before we develop the actual application. Application development starts only after the prototype is approved by the client.
  • Our services are timely with no compromise on quality.
  • We work in collaboration with you and ensure that there is transparent communication between all employees, managers and the customer.
  • Our applications ensure that all employees, customers and managers can work together and have immediate access to any information – anywhere, anytime, so that you have access to project related information at any time.
  • Our projects are always delivered on time and within budget.
  • We also respect the confidentiality of the information that clients provide to us for project related matters. Security of this information is important to us.

Mobile Development also includes development of several robust and remarkable mobile applications for gaming applications, custom social media applications, business, eCommerce and many others. Whatever your needs are either personal or professional, our mobile application development services put-up all the features and phases that your application would involve. We are an offshore mobile apps development company having development centre located at India and are known for delivering quality work in given time frame. At MADT, our mobile application developers together with QA professionals has extensive knowledge in creating utility, healthcare, entertainment and educational mobile products and systems that are being deployed and used on a global level by top wireless companies.

At MADT, our technical expertise runs into all the mobility verticals, including – iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile and other mobile platform technologies. Do you like our services?

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Advancement in mobile technologies and development of numerous mobile applications has taken mobile world by a storm. Because of the incredible applicability of mobile applications over various aspects of living, mobile application development is in the great demand and is frequently used for business and social needs depending on the requirement. Mobile applications offer flawless and finest working of business process and instant promotions of their service and products. Some years back, computers were only the options for internet surfing and website visiting, but now mobile applications have made it easier and comfortable. Plenty of mobile web apps development companies are present that offer vivid mobile application development services on various mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, JAVA ME (J2ME) and iOS. All of the above mobile development platform put forwards array of options to prefer from and making sure that your mobile application entirely caters to all your desires.

Regardless to mobile platform, Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) is an offshore mobile application development company that offers mobile development service for various mobile platforms such as Android Application Development, iPhone/iPad Apps Development, Windows App Development and Blackberry Application Development. Mobile application developers at MADT are highly qualified and proficient in developing rich, interactive and error-free mobile applications that meet your requirements and helps you to get edge over your competitors. Our core experience in mobile application development facilitates us to develop mobile applications that are easy to understand, easy to use, and functions flawlessly on all the major mobile platforms

Why Choose MADT for Mobile Application Development

  • Years Core Experience Of Mobile Apps Development
  • Dedicated Team of Expert Developers with Strong Technical Competency
  • Reliable, Error-Free and Cost Effective Solutions
  • Solutions According to Budget and Requirements
  • Increased Productivity in Lesser Development Time
  • Timely Delivery of Applications

Our experienced team of mobile developers keeps themselves updated with changing mobile technologies and responds very well to every challenges through their capability and resources. Today, our dedicated mobile apps developers have expertise in developing, delivering and deploying applications across all major platforms that are mentioned below.

  • iPhone Application Development
  • iPad Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Windows Mobile Application Development
  • Blackberry Application Development

iPhone Application Development Services:-

Enabled with the finest applications and features, iPhone has reputed itself as the most popular smart phone existing in the current market. Beside with its sleek and quite tempting appearance, it consist of several matchless features such as video recording and high resolution power camera, media players, acoustics, internet surfing and video conferencing, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and numerous other features.

At MADT, we possess a team of iPhone experts, who are constantly aware and updated about every new release of iPhone SDK and so, we claim to specialize in all the aspects of iPhone such as iPhone Development platform, spanning all operating system versions and mobile versions. Our team of iPhone apps developer expertise in developing iPhone app, iPhone game, iPhone compatible website, iPhone web apps using latest SDK and tools.

Our technical team also specializes in numerous other aspects of iPhone apps that are mentioned below:

  • iPhone Games development
  • iPhone Internet application
  • iPhone Utility applications
  • iPhone Language conversion
  • iPhone Fun applications
  • iPhone Multimedia application
  • iPhone Business applications
  • iPhone Medical applications
  • iPhone Music applications
  • iPhone Maps and navigation application
  • iPhone Entertainment application
  • iPhone Travel application
  • iPhone Book publishing application
  • iPhone Lifestyle application

iPad Application Development Services:-

iPad is identified as next generation computer and so with the rise in its captivated users, demand of professional iPad application developer is also rising. IPad has amazing and incredible ability to host any application, which has made it most desirable gadget among all. High Definition (HD) touch screen for crystal clear display of applications and supporting thousands of social, personal and business applications that offers next level experience. IPad consists of iOS 5, operating system that supports amazing features like multi-touch, sleek design, retina display, orientation change feature, wireless data storage and transfer and numerous others.

At MADT, Our experienced team of iPad developer is set to serve with the best and following iPad development services are offered at mot affordable price:-

  • iPad Application Development
  • Hire iPad Developer
  • iPad Software Development
  • iOS 5 Application Development
  • iPad Applications Development
  • iPad Web Application Development
  • Hire iPad Programmer / Developer
  • iPad Game Development
  • iPad Social Networking Application Integration & Development

Android Application Development Services:-

Mobile users are seeking for more advanced and lively mobile applications that offer them richer and dynamic experience. Android is a mobile operating system supported by Java programming language that allows Android application developer to develop variety of powerful android applications. At MADT, we offer android mobile application development service to meet the user demands by designing and developing interactive applications at the most affordable price. Our professional android application developers are always up for any challe   nges and have expertise in creating custom Android development and Android application porting services.

Our technical team also specializes in numerous other aspects of Android Apps that are mentioned below:-

  • Custom Android Application Development
  • Android Gaming Application Development
  • Android Multimedia Application Development
  • Android Enterprise Application Development
  • Android Application Maintenance and Upgrade
  • Android Application Testing

Blackberry Application Development Services:-

More than 41 million blackberry smart phone users around, and this huge crowd of blackberry users has resulted into the obvious search for the finest Blackberry Mobile Applications. Due to its customizable applications and flexible features, Blackberry has reached the heights for a range of business and industry needs. At MADT, Our team of Blackberry developers has the core experience in developing the applications for mobile business solution that meets the requirements of enterprises, small businesses as well as for the end users. Our Professional Blackberry developer offers rich, innovative, and flexible BlackBerry mobile application solutions to clients and our BlackBerry application development services packages are flexible adequate to meet your blackberry application demands. With the help of latest technology, MADT offers complete solutions to your needs for BlackBerry development.

Our custom application development for Blackberry handset includes:

  • Client/Server applications
  • Blackberry Multimedia application
  • Blackberry Field force/Sales force automation
  • Blackberry Communication and Messaging applications
  • Blackberry Advertisement Applications
  • Blackberry GPS solution

Windows Application Development Services:-

Windows Mobile is trendy Operating System developed by Microsoft and is famous in smartphones and mobile devices. Different types of mobile applications can be developed for the Windows Mobile, to meet the precise needs of diverse business areas. Windows Mobile is an industry standard and the business units for most active user applications.

At MADT, Our dedicated Windows Mobile development team are expert in building application solutions like mobile games, asset tracking, website for mobiles, business & sales application, banking and finance, productivity application, sales force automation time and materials tracking applications, work order management, networking or Bluetooth apps, widgets, integration with enterprise applications, theme, mock, icon design for mobile applications, web service integration etc…

Windows Mobile App Development Services @ MADT:

  • Windows Mobile Development
  • Windows Mobile Application Development
  • Windows Mobile Web Development
  • Windows Mobile Game Development
  • Windows Mobile Software Development
  • Windows Mobile UI Design
  • Hire Windows Mobile Developer

Please contact us more information about mobile development services and hire dedicated developers programmers.

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